5 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Video is the fastest growing segment of content online. People just cannot get enough. And successful marketers are at the forefront. With the success of TASTY videos on Facebook, there has been an explosion of similar videos now being produced by major food brands.  Why not?  It seems like the perfect opportunity, and it is but take note— going viral should never be the objective of a video campaign. PERIOD! Sure we would all love to be the next Dollar Shave Club – but in reality, it just comes off as trying too hard. Be genuine in your approach, and you will get much further… with a few caveats. Below we reveal some of our favorite tips to help you create compelling, inspiring and actionable online videos. 1. Tell a story, Don’t try and make a sale Your video should be centered around the story and not the sale. Remember: the same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing – concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers. Make the most of the emotive power of video by appealing to your consumers’ needs or maybe their hidden desires. 2. Make it the Best 10 Seconds Ever Twenty percent of all viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. So you better get to the point and get there quick! Front load the first 5-10 seconds with a juicy nugget that will engage the audience and keep them watching. Try sparking your audience’s curiosity by asking questions and using teasers to hook their attention right away. Your video should immediately convey...

Everything is bigger in Texas

MAY 20, 2016 | The saying is even true for our production. We are gearing up for an intense week of shooting. No less than 6 DANSEURS participating including the remarkable Harper Watters of Houston Ballet. We look forward to capturing their...

Spread the word!

So many wonderful things happening behind-the-scenes. We often get asked why we are making this film… here is a quote from an email we received today, “It’s been a pretty long 36 years. Most of the traumatic stuff happened in my middle school years …Two boys holding my legs, another stepping on my genitals.” All because he danced. Please join us in spreading the word about young men in ballet. Spread the word about our documentary. We know it will open eyes and minds....

Our Team Has Grown!

We are so pleased to announce the addition of Jon Russell Cring and Tracy Nichole as editors on DANSEUR. Check our About Us section to learn more about them!
Great Interview!

Great Interview!

JANUARY 29 | Many thanks go out to Cameron for opening his home and his life to us. His story is so compelling and we can not wait to include it in the film! Stay tuned, teaser trailer is being edited now and should be ready in a few weeks!