Great Interview!

Great Interview!

JANUARY 29 | Many thanks go out to Cameron for opening his home and his life to us. His story is so compelling and we can not wait to include it in the film! Stay tuned, teaser trailer is being edited now and should be ready in a few weeks!


November, 2015 |Trailer is well into production. We are planning the next round of production and have added several new interviews to our ever growing list of participants!


AUGUST 7, 2015 |Another great day of shooting yesterday. Two courageous young men told us their history and the pressures that they endured to do what they love. Beautiful location at the Gibney Studios. Check out our BEHIND THE SCENES photos!


JULY 8, 2015| Filming has begun. We sat down with Philip Perez, currently training at ABT to hear how he was pressured by both fellow student and school administrators to choose between his love of dance and a “normal” school experience. Hear more about...